"Working with Erica is a joy, as she is ambitious and always well prepared. She is focused, a good listener and take responsibility for her work. Both in improvisation and scene work, she is brave and play with a full presence."
Lisa Ohlin, director and screenwriter.

"The collaboration with Erica was extremely rewarding and successful for me as a director."
Sophia Bösch, director and screenwriter.

"She is a mature actress with further opportunity develop herself. She is always a driving force for good and have a good mood. I recommend her warmly."
Lennart Jacobson, director and educator

Photo: Sean McLatchie Lewthwaite

I am a freelance actress, who is currently working in Stockholm. Here I am developing my assets on stage and in front of the camera. I work both with theater, film and radio drama and besides acting,  I also work as a theater pedeagogue for children and young people. A very rewarding complement.

A major production that I participated in was "Simon and the Oaks", directed by Lisa Ohlin. I played the role Clara, the girlfriend of Simon. That gave me a great experience, the opportunity to develop as an actress and the fervor to get to do more productions. I also got the statement that I was a mix between Cate Blanchett and Joni Mitchell. Great and talented women that inspires me a lot, so I can with gratitude be a"Swedish mix" with them.

I was born in 1981, in the small town Trollhättan, Sweden. I early experienced to be creative due to my parents having a flower shop - colors, flowers and create boquets was my day to day life. I had a passion to act, mimic and imitate. During the years in school, I took every opportunity I could to play in different sets. The creative side has always been close and in high school I studied art and design program. But the urge to get involved with acting grew and after high school I entered the theater education at Wiks's Theater School. It was wonderful to meet different teachers, to be with like-minded people and develop my craft.
I moved to Gothenburg in 2005 and soon after that came into Wendelsberg's Theater School. The training included everything from small and large productions, skill training in acting, dancing, singing, improvisation, Commedia dell'arte, Bouffon, Aacrobatics and more. Also directing work, educational theory and practice, producer work and tour. I also have training from New York at Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and had the lovely chance to work with Ron Stetson, Gary Ramsey and Gary Gendell.

I see myself as a creative person who has an open mind, easy to improvise and to meet and work with new people. My ambition is to deliver what I want to convey, all in the range between drama and comedy. People who worked with me, says that I am focused, has a graceful approach and have high expectations in my work.

Hopefully I will see you in an nearest future - get together and create!

Best regards